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Plan of Study

Each studentís program in the Interdisciplinary Doctorate of Education Program in Leadership will be as follows:

I.      Leadership Core Program --- 21 credit hours required leadership courses (3 hours each), 6 credit hours leadership seminar; 3 hours Interdisciplinary Practicum: 

Core Courses:

ILD 801          Leadership Styles and Reflective Practice
ILD 802          Leadership and Applied Ethics
ILD 807          Financial and Legal Leadership Issues
ILD 803          Strategic Planning and Management
ILD 804          Organizational Theory and Behavior
ILD 805          Administrative and Policy Leadership Issues
ILD 806          Change Theory and Practice

Program Orientation/Learning Community (6 hours) 

ILD 808          On Campus: Leadership Seminar 1: Program Orientation and Formulation of Learning Community (2)
ILD 809          Leadership Seminar 2: Mid-Program Reflection & Dissertation Design (2) Initial development of dissertation proposal
ILD 810          On Campus: Leadership Seminar 3: Portfolio Review and Dissertation Defense (2)

Interdisciplinary Practicum (3 hours) 

ILD 811          Interdisciplinary Practicum

II.    Electives  --- 15 credit hours required

Courses to be determined by student and advisor

Possible elective courses (3 hours each): 

ILD 820          Jesuit and Ignatian Traditions
ILD 821          Quality and Accountability Issues
ILD 822          Human Resources Leadership and Management
ILD 823          Leadership in a Global Society
ILD 825          Women and Leadership
ILD 826          Applied Development Analysis
ILD 831          Technology and Leadership
ILD 832          Planning Programs for Adult Learners
ILD 833          Writing for Scholarly Publication
ILD 834          Catholic Social Teaching
ILD 835          Sustainability Leadership
ILD 836          Leadership, Public Relations, and Stakeholder Engagement  
ILD 837          Servant Leadership
ILD 838          Toxic Leadership
ILD 850          Quantitative Research Design and Methods (3 hours)
ILD 851          Qualitative Research Design and Methods (3 hours)
ILD 852          Mixed Methods Research (3 hours)

ILD 827-830   K-12 Administrative (Superintendent) Certification (6-9 hours)

ILD 827          Leadership in School Improvement
ILD 828          Policies, Politics and School Board
ILD 830          Internship for Superintendents      

Other:  Students, in consultation with their advisor, may choose one 3 hour graduate online course outside the Ed.D. program electives either through the Werner program in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, the Health Care Ethics program, the College of Business Administration programs, or the Catholic School Leadership program.

III.           Research and Dissertation --- 15 credit hours required 

ILD 812          Research Design and Professional Inquiry (3 hours)
ILD 813          Research, Data Collection, and Analyses (3 hours)      
ILD 899          Dissertation Research (9 hours)

Total:  60 credit hours (masterís degree is required for admission)