The Creighton Dissertation in Practice

Your Creighton Dissertation in Practice (DIP) is your written scholarly presentation of applied or action research. It is required to graduate, must be publicly defended, and must have a written copy approved by a committee.

Action research is a systematic process of inquiry into oneís practice and actions, with application of theory and knowledge in proposing small-scale innovations in their practices, studying the consequences, and making evidence-based arguments for promoting improvement

The purpose of the DIP is to explore a significant and complex real-world problem based within a studentís professional practice setting and to design an evidence-based solution incorporating leadership theories, reflective practice, and an interdisciplinary focus to contribute to the greater good of the professional practice field.


Whatís unique about the DIP?

It has an AIM 

It produces a working product

It incorporates reflective practices 

It demands original research

It is comprehensive and a dissertation

It was designed just for our students!


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