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Our Learning Community

Orientation Residency and Cohort Formation  

"I liken the orientation experience to an Ignatian retreat;  you leave the experience changed for the better and hope to make the world a better place."-Rick Poce, Assistant Dean of Students, current student, Cohort 18

Upon admission to the program and completion of the Gallup StrengthsQuest Inventory, our students are grouped into interdisciplinary cohorts that will travel together through the core courses (ILD 801-ILD 807).   Together, cohort members share their experiences, compare the preparation of their e-portfolios for candidacy, discuss the process they are using to prepare the dissertation proposal, and learn from the diverse perspectives each individual brings to the group.   


"Life-Changing, Perspective-Giving, Purpose-Restoring, Direction-Confirming, Awe-Inspiring, Faith-Driven, Community-Filled week of setting the world on fire at Creighton University." -Laura Blanton, Regional Enforcement and Compliance Specialist, current student, Cohort 18, on Orientation

All new students are required to attend orientation, which is held on campus every August.  During orientation, students create some of their first bonds with the other members of our learning community.  New students have the opportunity to meet their fellow cohort members and other students as well as the faculty and staff members who will help guide them through the program. 

 Other Residencies

Every year, there are several opportunities to participate in on campus residencies.  Returning to campus gives students the opportunity to work individually with faculty members and advisors, reunite with cohort members and make new connections.  This is also an excellent opportunity to share across the areas of business, education and health to emphasize the interdisciplinary aspect of the program.

"The dissertation workshop was awesome!!! I am thankful for it!!!  In addition to working on the dissertation and bonding with classmates, I received an abundance of vital information from peers and staff."  -Dr. Tara Colby, Psychiatric Social Worker, Class of 2014