Curriculum - Graduate Certificates

General Information

Program Director:

Alexander Roedlach, SVD, Ph.D.
Phone: 402.280.2567

Curriculum: Graduate Certificate in Medical Anthropology

The Graduate Certificate Program in Medical Anthropology requires students to complete 15 credits. The course offerings are all delivered online and students can take them in any sequence.

The program can be completed by full-time students in less than a year (summer, fall, and spring semester). However, students can elect, in consultation with their academic advisor, to follow a different program schedule.

Students must maintain at least a 3.0 grade average throughout the graduate program. Creighton undergraduate students can, in their final semester before graduation, take 500- and 600-level courses in the program upon approval by the Program Director.

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Curriculum: Cultural Competence in Health Care Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Cultural Competence in Health Care prepares you to work effectively in diverse settings with patients or communities struggling with health.

Offered online, this 15-credit program is designed for busy professionals, including

  • dentists
  • physicians
  • nurses and nurse practitioners
  • occupational therapists and physical therapists
  • pharmacists
  • physician assistants
  • chaplains
  • hospital administrators
  • patient advocates
  • patient navigators
  • social workers and others

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