Curriculum - Master of Arts

General Information

Program Director:

Alexander Roedlach, SVD, Ph.D.
Phone: 402.280.2567

Program of Study - Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology

The master's degree program consists of twelve courses (36 credit hours). The program can be completed in one year if full-time students start in the summer and take three courses during each of the fall, spring, and two summer sessions. However, students can elect, in consultation with their academic advisor, to follow a different program schedule.

The course offerings are all delivered online and students can take then in any sequence. MA students are, at least once before graduating, required to attend a graduate conference on the Creighton University campus, which will be held during the spring semester.

Students will select, together with their advisors, one of the following program paths:

  • the thesis tracks are (1) the Field Research track and (2) the Library Research track.
  • The non-thesis track is (3) the Practicum track, which includes a capstone paper.

Students must maintain at least a 3.0 grade average throughout the graduate program. Creighton undergraduate students can, in their final semester before graduation, take 500- and 600-level courses in program upon approval by the Program Director. 

Courses are designed to help students meet the program learning goals.

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