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Welcome to the Creighton University Online Writing Center Information Page

This service is available only to students currently enrolled in an online graduate course. 

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The process for using the Creighton University Online Writing Center is as follows. Each is a separate step. (A more detailed explanation follows.)


--first, you must schedule/secure an appointment Step One


--then, on the day of your confirmed appointment, you will submit your writing Step Two


--within the understood window of time, you will receive your writing back, and may at that point elect to return to the first step Step Three

What You Should Expect from Your Online Collaboration

Owing to the logistics of online collaboration, the following guidelines must be followed to the letter.  Those who do not follow these guidelines to the letter will at the very least jeopardize their chances for a collaboration, and may very well wholly preclude such chances.  (Again, we seek to engage as many writers and as much writing as possible; and to devote them our full attention.)


Please review these guidelines closely.

Step One

first, you must schedule/secure an appointment.


Tip:  Appointments may fill up quickly.  You improve your chances of securing an appointment by securing it as far in advance as possible.  For example, if you become aware in August that you have writing due on November 25th, it may be wise to contact our consultant in August in an effort to secure, for example, an appointment within the  week or two before the writing is due.  Because we seek to give as many as writers as possible a chance to secure appointments, you are allowed to have 3 future appointments secured.  (If you have 3 future appointments scheduled, and then one appointment is completed, that means you at that point have 2 future appointments scheduled and may schedule your third appointment at that point or thereafter.  You are not allowed to have more than 3 future appointments scheduled.)


To secure an appointment, please send an email to that includes the following:


--your name

--your email address

--the program/course of study in which you are a student

--the approximate length—in pages—of the piece of writing

--the desired window in which you seek to secure an appointment

--if this is the first time you have submitted the specific paper, write “first submission.”   If you are submitting your “same” piece of writing for the second time, please write “second submission,” and so forth.  



For example:


Chris Johnson


8 pages

November 15-17

First submission


The consultant will then reply with either a notification of “Full—no appointment available within that window” or “Appointment secured:  16 November.”  This notification will be received by you within 24 working hours of your request.  (Weekends and days when classes do not meet are not “working days.”)


 “Working days” are determined by following as closely as possible the unified calendar.


At that point, if declined, you may request an appointment during a different window.  If the consultant is available and you receive notice of a secured appointment, your submission will be due before <st1:time hour="12" minute="0" w:st="on">noon</st1:time> on the designated day.  (See Step 2.)

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Step Two

then, on the day you have secured, you will submit your writing


Owing to the nature of online collaboration, an appointment is not at an exact time, but is instead within a “window,” by day.  Writing must be submitted by noon(Central Time) on the day of the secured appointment.  So, for example, if you have secured an appointment for 15 November, your writing is due to be submitted to our consultant before noonon the 15th.


Please submit your writing as an attachment, in Microsoft Word; if using a word processor other than MS Word, please convert your files to “rich text format” (.rtf) before submitting them.   


Please also, with your writing, submit the following:



Your name

Your email address

The program in which you are a student

The name of the professor to whom the writing will be submitted

The professor’s email address


Then, describe what you would like your online collaborator to engage within/about your paper.  Take your time and provide as much information as will be useful.  Ask questions; express concerns; express strengths.  The more guidance you provide, the better the chance your collaboration will be a successful one. 


Late Submissions and “No Shows”


Submissions that arrive after noon sharp on the designated day will be engaged only if the consultant can make such accommodation.


Two late submissions equal one No Show.


A No Show is defined as a paper that never arrives or is so late as to be in effect not submitted.  We are aware that our writers are busy.  The problem with No Shows is that someone else could have taken the appointment that you missed.  As of the second No Show, access to our online consultant will be suspended for the remainder of the semester.  If the second No Show occurs toward the end of the semester, the suspension will carry to the midterm of the subsequent semester.  Again, we want to collaborate with as many writers as possible, and so we appreciate your diligence.


If you must cancel an appointment, please do so as soon as possible.  There is no consequence for conscientious cancellation.

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Step Three

within the understood window of time, you will receive your writing back, and may at that point elect to return to the first step


You will have our response within 48 working hours of its submission.  Weekends and days when classes do not meet are not working days. 


Outside of scheduling limitations, there is no limit to the number of times we will collaborate on a given piece of writing.  The process for subsequent submissions of the ongoing, “same,” piece of writing will be the same as that listed above.   

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What You Should Expect from Your Online Collaboration

What You Should Expect from Your Online Collaboration


Writing is an art.


Collaboration is an art.


Our goal, together, is to work, together, to see your writing grow and evolve in ways that challenge and satisfy you as the author.


As the author, you are 100% responsible for the choices that go into—that are—the composing process.  You should of course engage any suggestions we might make with a critical and deliberate eye.  In response to your questions, all we can do is to offer suggestions—areas for your further consideration—things you may want to work on and reflect upon.  Collaboration is a sort of mutual guidance, where together we listen, respond, and engage. 


The guidance that you provide is crucial here. Unlike, for example, the process of taking your car to the garage where it is to be “repaired” in what are often mysterious, and “out of your hands” ways, your writing is your own.  All good writers share and listen and try to evolve as part of the ongoing process of vision and revision.  As writers, we are here to collaborate and to help.


A few words about copy editing.  We strongly suggest that you have proof-read your writing to the best of your abilities before submission.  Doing so will allow your collaboration to focus on the underlying thinking that defines the compositional process.  Writing that offers unwelcome distractions will predictably present challenges in getting to your meaning.   We are willing to help with proof-reading, to the extent that there are few or no other areas that might better define and guide our collaboration.  But we are writers and collaborators first.   Remember, within the parameters of scheduling logistics, we are delighted to look at the “same” piece of writing as many times as is productive.  Don’t be shy.


Your consultant may (or may not) contact you for a “back and forth” during our response time.  Please provide an email address that you are more likely to check regularly. 


Sharing your writing with another can be, to some writers, a harrowing feeling, and we understand that.  We are aware of any insecurities that may accompany such collaboration. Indeed, we have of course felt them ourselves!  Part of our mission involves meeting with writers where they are, in loving spirit, consistent with Creighton’s Mission. 


We look forward to our collaborations.