Once this project is producing energy, archived logs of production over time will be available here.


Teaching Aids

To encourage K12 teachers to make use of this archived data resource, a handful of student activities are outlined and available here.  These activities are designed for students to explore the use of Microsoft(TM) Excel as a data-based spreadsheet for the manipulation and graphing of large quantities of numerical data.  The activities integrate both the use of Excel with the objective of learning about solar and wind energy performance using real measurements.

Using Excel - this is a short set of instructions for those not familiar with the Excel program.  It provides step-by-step instructions for how to import data from the archives into the Excel environment and how to generate graphs.

Solar Study - In this activity, students examine power collected by a solar array over time to see how variations in the position of the sun affect solar energy generation.

Wind Study - In this activity, students examine the relationship between wind speed and power generation of a wind turbine.

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