Meetings: Thursdays @ 8:30 in the McGloin lobby; simply tell the desk worker that you are there for Amnesty and they will let you in.

Amnesty International is a world-renowned organization dedicated to justice, peace, and human rights.  With hundreds of thousands of active members around the globe, Amnesty International is the world's largest and most recognized group fighting for human rights and the dignity of all persons.  

With a relatively young group this year, our chapter is full of passionate and dedicated people and hopes to continue building on their already strong success.  Each semester or year, our group chooses a key human rights issues on which to focus.

This year, we have chosen to focus on labor and worker's rights.  We have dedicated ourselves to this cause because of the speaker we had the privilege of bringing to our campus: Jim Keady.  We also understand the universality of the issue and know it pertains to many different countries.  Throughout our next semester we hope to further our focus and branch out to different companies.

Please see our other pages for more specific information and how to get involved.

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