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Guard and Reserve Partnerships

There are programs available to National Guard and Reserve soldiers to help them find jobs with Fortune 500 companies.  Check into the PAyS Program and the Employer Partnership Initiative for more details.

Branch Overview

There are twenty one different branches (career fields) that an officer can do upon completion of college.  

The 21 different career fields for officers:

Maneuver, Fires, Effects: Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Air Defense, Aviation, Engineers, Chemical

Operations Support: Military Intelligence, Signal, Military Police

Force Sustainment: Logistics (Transportation, Quartermaster, Ordnance) Adjutant General, Finance

Health Services: Veterinary, Nurse, Medical Service, Medical Corps, Dental

Special Branches: JAG, Chaplain Corps

Accessions Process

the Accessions Process is conducted during a cadets MSIV year.  Accessions is where a cadet is ranked among his peers to determine which component (Active, Reserves, National Guard) and what Branch they will receive.  This Order of Merit List (OML) is based on several different factors.  

WF – Warrior Forge new name for LDAC
LDAC - Leadership Development and Assessment Course
E/S/N - Evaluation Grades: E - Excellent, S - Satisfactory, N - Needs Improvement
PLT TAC– Platoon Evaluator
PMS – Professor of Military Science
CER – Cadet Evaluation Report
RECONDO - ROTC Recondo Badge is awarded to cadets who successfully complete the RECONDO phase of training at LDAC


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