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Ways to Participate in ROTC

There are many ways to participate in the Army ROTC Program.  Whether you are a traditional student, serving in the National Guard or Reserves, an active duty soldier, or seeking to receive an Army ROTC scholarship, you can participate in ROTC and become an Army Officer upon graduation.  Any student can take the first two years of Army ROTC without having any obligation to join the Army.


A Non-Scholarship student is any student taking ROTC classes that is not under scholarship or a drilling member of the National Guard or Army Reserves.   The only difference between a Non-Scholarship student, a Scholarship student, and an SMP is who is paying for the student’s college (themselves, scholarship, or government).


A Scholarship student is one who has been awarded an Army ROTC scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded to high school students as either a four year or a three year “Advanced Designee” scholarship.  We can also award scholarships to students while they attend college.  They are merit based scholarships and are not need based.  The only differences between the scholarships are the amount of time awarded.  All scholarships pay the same.  If you are interested in applying for the Army ROTC scholarship see the section on scholarship applications.

We also are able to award scholarships to students already in college.  Provided we have the funds, we can offer current college students from 2 to 3 and a half year scholarships.  These scholarships are merit based and are awarded to those students who have participated in ROTC and are willing to contract and become an officer in the United States Army.


There are scholars among you who aspire to achieve something even greater than a college degree. They aspire to be leaders. They are Army ROTC Cadets - and you can join them by attending the Leader's Training Course (LTC).

LTC is four weeks of intense classroom and field training held in the summer at Fort Knox, KY. This course is an accelerated version of the two years of leadership development training Cadets receive in the Basic Course. By transforming yourself through this rigorous training, you will qualify for enrollment in the Army ROTC Advanced Course on campus-provided you have two years of college remaining (undergraduate or graduate). Once you successfully complete LTC and agree to contract and enter the Advanced Course, you may also qualify to receive a $5,000 bonus.

At LTC you experience the Army firsthand. You will receive the kind of leadership development training that is unmatched by any other program. How? By developing your potential in the most important of ways-mentally, physically and emotionally. You will be grouped into squads where you will gain experience in all leadership roles-culminating in verbal and written feedback on your improvement. You will also receive a stipend, transportation to and from Fort Knox, housing and meals. The four weeks and four phases of LTC can lead you to the ultimate goal: becoming an Army Officer.

The benefits of this leadership training will extend well beyond your college years into any career you choose. You may even qualify for a two-year scholarship that may take care of your college tuition and many other expenses.

Simultanious Membership Program (SMP)

As a member of the National Guard or Army Reserves, you have the option of participating in the Army ROTC program at the same time you serve in your respective service.  The benefits to you, the soldier, are excelent leadership instruction, outdoor and team building activites, decision making, and goal setting skills.  You will also be learning while at drill by being assigned to a platoon leader to learn from or you could be placed in a leadership posion while on duty to gain valuable on the job training as a leader.  There are some additional monitary benefits as well upon contracting:

  • Montgomery GI Bill - $317 per month
  • GI Bill Kicker - $350 per month
  • Weekend Drill pay increas to an E-5 pay.  If you are an E6 or above, you will keep your pay at your current paygrade.
  • Monthly Stipend - $350 per month as a sophomore, $450 per month as a junior, and $500 per month as a senior.

Another benefit of contracting and participating in ROTC is you will be non-deployable until you graduate.

Green To Gold (G2G)

The Green to Gold Program is designed for enlisted soldiers who are interested in getting a degree and then commission back into the Army as an officer.  The first step is to contact your education office where you are stationed and get a Green to Gold packet.  There are two different programs you can try and do (scholarship, and active duty option).  Go to the web site for more information on the Green to Gold Program.

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