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PaYS Program

The PaYS program is a partnership with corporations, companies and public sector agencies who understand that Army Officers possess traits that make them valuable assets to their organization. ROTC PaYS offers Reserve Component Officer Cadets the opportunity to select a PaYS partner. Cadets can search for a position with a PaYS partner on the Army PaYS website. Once the cadet identifies a position, the cadet should bring the printed partner details page to the ROO. The ROO enters the job code in the ROO Reservation System (ROORS), located on the intranet portal, reserves the position, prints and faxes (or scans and e-mails) the Statement of Understanding (SOU). It is the cadet's responsibility to contact their PaYS partner POC. Ideally a relationship between the cadet and the PaYS partner will result in a seamless transition from cadet to Reserve Component Officer to interview to employee with the selected PaYS partner.

Employer Partnership Initiative

The Army Reserve Employer Partnership Initiative is a partnering between the Army Reserve and public and private sectors to maximize potential job opportunities for Soldiers in a variety of positions and career fields.  The initiative officially formalizes the relationship between the Army Reserve and private sector partners by aligning civilian credentialing and licensing with a Soldiers Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), in many cases eliminating duplicate training.  Through the initiative, Soldiers can effectively leverage their Army Reserve training creating career opportunities in today’s civilian job market with national, regional, and local Employer Partners.

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