2011-2012 College of Arts & Sciences Student Senate. 

While this site contains a vast array of information for current senators, it also designed for the students of the College of Arts and Sciences.  The Senate exists for the betterment of the College as a whole; we strive to advance the academic, social, and philanthropic interests of all of the students.  Through academic initiatives such as a revision of the core curriculum to social aims such as the annual Academic Dinner to philanthropy events hosted in joint with the American Red Cross, the Senate attempts to optimize your experience at Creighton University, specifically in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Therefore, feel free to look around; this website is a reflection of what the Senate is about and what it hopes to accomplish in achieving these goals.


To visit the Creighton University home page, merely click on the Creighton University logo, which is also located on the banner.  In closing, because this is a forum for the students of the College of Arts and Sciences, please feel free to contact the Senate with any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have (internalsenate@creighton.edu). 



Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Spangler for winning Major Advisor of the Year!

He was nominated by several students, who had wonderful things to say. Sarah Mazione says ?Whenever I fight to maintain composure amidst everything falling apart, one trip to Dr. Spangler?s office solves everything?. She attested to his never ending commitment to his students as not only a teacher but a friend.

Dr.Ryan Spangler is an Assistant Professor in the Modern Languages &Literatures department. He received a Ph.D from University of Kentucky with special interest in 19th, 20th century Spanish American poetry and theater.

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