About the Senate

The object of this organization shall be to act as the representative body for the students of the College of Arts and Sciences at Creighton University. The Senate will foster and facilitate communication between and among the students, faculty, and administration of the College of Arts and Sciences and actively assist in enriching the educational and social experiences for those belonging to or involved with the College of Arts and Sciences.


This provides a rather sophisticated, yet abstract view of the role of the Senate on Creighton University's campus.  The Senate aims at improving the College of Arts and Sciences through three avenues--academics, social events, and philanthropy.

In the field of academics, the Senate has taken the initiative to undertake some complex issues.  Some of these tasks have been presented by students, others by faculty, and still others by the administration.  In recent years, the Senate has analyzed "Dead Week" and what could be done to assist students through this stressful time, drafted an Academic Honesty Handbook for the entire College of Arts and Sciences, strived to implement an Integrity Pledge, and initiated a revision of the college?s core curriculum. As one can see, the Senate has and will continue to work hard to advance the issues that students deem important.


While all of these academic achievements are extremely noteworthy, the Senate has not limited itself to these academic issues.  Our members also work diligently to host one of the emerging formal events on campus, the annual Academic Dinner.  In addition to this undertaking, the Senate organizes events with University administrators, graduate and professional students, and other important figures.  Future visions for the Senate include programs to assist pre-professional students as they prepare for their careers after Creighton.


The third and final aspect of the Senate is equally as important as the previous two.  The Senate prides itself on its philanthropy work, both on and off the campus of Creighton University.  Each year the Senate organizes a blood drive in conjunction with the Red Cross.  This is annually, the largest blood drive at Creighton.  Senators have also sponsored coat drives for the Sienna Francis House.  The members of the Senate realize how fortunate they are and strive to help others whenever possible.


The College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate is an organization that should interest everyone at Creighton University.  With an excellent balance between academic, social, and philanthropy projects, we offer something for anyone.


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