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Public Relations and Major Events Committee

The two main events organized by the Major Events and Public Relations Committee of the CAS Student Senate in the Spring 2012 semester are the Academic Dinner and the Dean?s Fireside Chat.  Members of the committee take on the tasks of designing posters to advertise the events, scheduling the events at the Skutt Student Center in concordance with Dean Lueger?s availability, and formulating discussion topics for the Fireside Chat.  Other events organized by the Major Events and PR Committee are the end of semester dinner for the senators, paying for Senate t-shirts, and paying for various Senate membership involvement events.


Exec Member: Stevie Statz VP of Finance

Committee Chair: Mark Connor

Committee Members: Krista LaBruzzo, Kani Rubango, Nicole Huynh, Amanda Brandt, Zoran Pavlovic, and Dan Dalaney.


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