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This year we have chosen to organize Green Jays members into committees. This way students can be as involved as they choose to be, and each member can feel that they are actively participating. Committees are continually changing as events occur, and as the group feels the campus and Omaha community needs change. If you would like to get involved in one of the below committees, please feel free to contact the chair of the committee.

Fall Sustainability Fair

This committee is headed by Anna Osborn. They will be hosting a Fall Sustainability Fair which is aimed at introducing students to the wide array of student organizations, as well as Omaha businesses and groups that are working towards sustainable living. They also hope to provide students with a place to network with other environmental junkies, and possibly find a career in the growing sustainable field.

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Bike Program

This committee is headed by Laura Green. Their goal is to increase the number of students biking on campus. They plan to do this through implementing a bike rental program on campus, hosting social events for bikers, and providing information on bike maintenance and safety.

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Community Garden

This committee is headed by Kelsey Wilhelm. Their goal is to create interest and implement a community garden for students on campus. They already have land for this project and are working on the logistics of the project.

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Ban the Bottle

This committee is headed by Josh. Plastic bottles produce up to 1.5 million tons of waste per year.  We would like to reduce Creighton's contribution to this problem by encouraging students not to purchase bottled water.  They hope to host a "Ban the Bottle" event where students are asked to sign a pledge to not buy bottled water in exchange for a free reusable water bottle. At the moment they are working on funding ideas and facilitation logistics.

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