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It takes a lot of work to build a home. On the construction side, we need the raw materials, the volunteers, the tools, and the funds to pay contractors and purchase land. On the administrative side, we need to advertise events, recruit volunteers, educate people about fair and affordable housing, and organize chapter meetings. In order to make the home a success, both service and funding are needed, and both are equally important to the functioning of CU Habitat.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution, you've come to the right place - keep reading! If you'd like to learn about our service opportunities, head on over to our Volunteer page or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Brooke Wigen.

At CU Habitat, we have two sources of revenue: donations and fundraising. Donations come from people like you and go towards the construction end of the operation: paying the contractors, purchasing raw materials, and aiding local community Habitat chapters in the construction of their homes. In this way, the funds we receive from our donors go toward the actual building of the home and directly benefit the family who will be receiving it.

The second source of revenue is our chapter's fundraising activities. Funds that we receive from these activities help our chapter on the administrative and social side: producing fliers and promotional material, educational pamphlets, reserving areas on campus for social activities, and purchasing supplies. Members of our chapter engage in these creative fundraising drives and things we've done in the past include loose change drives, campus mailers, and camping out on the Mall overnight! Fundraising is a great way for members to interact and for our chapter to collect funds for the other functions we engage in other than building.


If You'd Like to Donate

We accept both cash and check and there are three ways of getting the funds to us:

I. Drop it by the Student Activities Office - place your donation in an envelope clearly marked with "Habitat for Humanity Donation" in our chapter's mailbox in the Student Activities Office located on the second floor of the Student Center right in the heart of campus. Ask the worker at the front desk and they'll show you where to put it!

II. Mail it to Us - Send either cash or check to our mailbox at:

Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Student Activities Office
Attn: Habitat for Humanity
Omaha, Nebraska 68178

III. We'll Come to You - our members are responsible for soliciting for donations and this process takes place about once a semester. Chances are, if you're connected to the Creighton community, you'll be hearing from us at some point this year.

We consider all donations to be completely tax deductible as well. If you print your return address on your envelope or contact our Treasurer, Matt Abrahms, we'll get you a form confirming your donation for tax purposes. If you have any other questions about donations or fundraising, Matt will be able to take care of you!