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Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki, Associate Vice-President of Health Sciences, Professor of Surgery (Ophthamology), Preventative Medicine and Public Health is a senior physician and investigator with public health and ophthalmology training.  With her significant record in community-based research with the African-American community and cross-cultural education and training, she has implemented programs “to empower Creighton University’s Health Sciences schools in the training and development of future leaders in healthcare to serve the needs of an increasing multicultural community.”  Her most recent book, Cultural Proficiency in Addressing Health Disparities, S Kosoko, C Cook, RL O’Brien, Jones & Bartlett, 2008, is testimonial of the commitment and dedication upon which the Administrative Core will be founded. With Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki’s insight and her experience in the administrative oversight of programs that have framed the current policies and ethics of Creighton’s diversity and cultural proficiency programs, the Center will continue to promote health and health equality and foster culturally sensitive community-based participatory research which addresses health disparities.  In comparison, the collaborative mechanism as indicated below in the Duke example, is being actualized through Creighton’s Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs department through its pipeline (HCOP) programs, Community Outreach Primary Care Endowment, Postbaccalaureate programs, glaucoma initiative, and preceding Center of Excellence program.  The continuum and expansion of these programs, is the springboard for which the community partners and academic relation can build trust, with the goal of disseminating information about cancer, while promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing the prevalence of cancer and building a sustainable community partnership.