Gifts and Donations

Library Policy for Gifts and Donations of Physical Items

While gifts of physical items are a welcomed means of expanding and enhancing the Library's collections, they are also time consuming and expensive to handle. The following policies apply to the conditions under which gifts are accepted by the Library:

  1. We will accept gifts, at our discretion, from alumni of the university and present or past employees and students of the Health Sciences Center or their spouses or children. Gifts from others will be accepted on a case by case basis.
  2. A list must accompany the gift if the donor requires itemization. University rules require a Gift Information Report and a letter of acknowledgement. We have created a form letter of acceptance and will send a computerized form to Development and keep a copy for our records.
  3. The acceptance of the gift will be done by the Library Director or the Head of Technical Services or their designee. In the case of audiovisuals, recommendations will be sought from the Head of the LRC. In the case of money, the acknowledgement will be done by the Director.
  4. The Library cannot evaluate collections received. The 1986 IRS rules preclude the recipient from evaluating a gift. Acceptance of gifts is without condition as to their eventual disposition. Donors will be informed at the time of the donation that we must have full latitude to add to the collection, give away, or sell as we see fit and that even if added there is no guarantee that the gift will be kept in perpetuity.