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New Books and Multimedia Added July 2012

Recent ebooks

New health & healthcare videos from Academic Video Online

U.S. health care: the good news [videorecording]

DVD 377

Money & medicine [videorecording]

DVD 378

Fight for your life: survival techniques for those with cancer [videorecording]

DVD 379

Administering functional assessment tests [videorecording]

DVD 380

Selling murder

DVD 381

ABC News 20/20: A man of endurance

DVD 382

Good Grief! "It's dental flossophy, Charlie Brown!" [videorecording]

DVD 383

Toothbrushing with Charlie Brown

DVD 384

Aseptic preparation of parenteral products [videorecording]

DVD 385

Walking aids: crutches, canes, and walkers [videorecording]  

DVD 386

Real nurses [videorecording]

DVD 387

Brunnstrom approach : evaluation and treatment of adult hemiplegia [videorecording]

DVD 388

"Let's talk": disclosure after an adverse event  [videorecording]

DVD 389

Assessment of respiratory distress in the pediatric patient [videorecording]

DVD 390

Performing cardiac assessment [videorecording]

DVD 391

Performing respiratory assessment [videorecording]

DVD 392

BLS for healthcare providers [videorecording]

DVD 393

ABCs of e-books: strategies for the medical library [videorecording]

DVD 394

Multi-type BSE model.

MD 112

Pediatric multi-venous IV training arm.

MD 178

Nutrition & Health

QU 39 G985N 2011

Disposition of toxic drugs and chemicals in man

QV 38 B299D 2011

Pharmacy management

QV737 P5357 2012

USP The United States pharmacopeia. National formulary. Supplement.

QV738 AA1 U58 2012 SUPPL. 2

Steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs

QV 771 M466U 2011

Scientific perspectives on animal welfare

QY50 C748 1981S

Urinary sodium chloride in pregnancy

T 1950 O62U

The Army Medical Department, 1775-1818

UH223 G479A 1981

Understanding health insurance

W 275 AA1 R88UA 2011

The Gale encyclopedia of medicine.

WB13 G151 2011 V.1 – V.6



Handbook of teaching and learning for physical therapists

WB18 H236 2013

The study of medicine

WB100 G649S 1827 V.1

The 5-minute clinical consult.

WB 100 G855 2013

Ethics in rehabilitation

WB 320 K84E 2012

Heads up on hypotonia

WB 460 H998H 2008

Introduction to occupational therapy

WB 555 O13I 2012

The lupus book

WD 380 W188L 2009

Ketogenic diets

WL 385 K43 2011

Treatment of borderline personality disorder

WM 190.5.B5

The medication question : weighing your mental health treatment options, for patients and their families

WM 402 D537M

The principles of surgery

WO M648 PA 1845

Early childhood intervention : shaping the future for children with special needs and their families

WS 105.5.C3 E12 2011 V.2 – V.3

Woelfel's dental anatomy

WU 18.2 S318W 2012

Oral & intravenous bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis of the jaws

WU140.5 M392O 2007

Advanced practice nursing : essential knowledge for the profession

WY16 A2437 2009

Diseases in antiquity; a survey of the diseases, injuries, and surgery of early populations.

WZ51 B874D 1967

A complete treatise on the symptoms, effects, nature and treatment of syphilis

WZ270 S974T 1815