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Did you know ... ?

The RefWorks personal bibliographic database program which you can use to organize references to articles, books, web-content, etc, also uses the A-to-Z service to link you the the full-text of articles on the web.


Our journal collection is available through CLIC (the catalog) and A-to-Z, but they don't cover exactly the same journals ...

  • CLIC includes our:
    • web (ejournal) subscriptions
    • print subscriptions
  • A-to-Z includes our:
    • web (ejournal) subscriptions
    • bundled ejournals
      • available via special third-party packages
      • these usually have embargo periods which block access to the most current issues.



Our journal collection is complex. We have journal subscriptions to content that is web based and a few to traditional print journals. We also have access to some journals through bundled agreements that provide access to some of the content but not all of it usually access to the most current issues are blocked or embargoed for 3 to 12 months. Finally, some journals are freely available on the web.

Currently we are dependent on two systems for identifying our journal holdings:


This is the Library Catalog. I provides information on all our print and ejournal subscriptions.


This is a service provided by our primary subscription agent and is used to identify all our web-based journals (e-journals) whether we have access via a subscription or with limited access as through a third-party package arrangement.

Because both CLIC and A-to-Z include our e-journal subscriptions, there is considerable overlap in their coverage. Both are available on the top toolbar:


A-to-Z: How to read the listing.

A to Z lists all the ejournal sites which provide access to a title:

  • The publisher's web site.
  • Third party web sites
    • Usually the subscription is to a package of ejournals and there may be restrictions on what is available.

Be careful when you select a web site because the years of coverage may vary between sites:

Using CLIC to find journals

Simply select the periodical title option in the search box and enter the significant words from the journal name:

Locate your journal in the results listing ...

  • Click the Details button for exact holdings information.
    • E-journals should include a URL link.

Remember ... both students and faculty may use our pull and copy service.

  • We will copy an article from the print collection, scan it and e-mail it to you. There is a fee for this service. See the link on our Services page for more information