MD 121

Eye Examination Simulator

The EYE Examination Simulator is suitable for training with all types of direct ophthalmoscopes. The lens-equipped eyeball units reproduce the visual axis close to that of the human eye providing a realistic eye-ground view. When the instrument is used improperly, the ocular fundus will not be observed clearly. Pupil diameter can be switched over. The depth of the fundus slides can be set in 2 steps (3.5, 8mm), showing differences between hyperopic, normal, and myopic views. 10 cases of fundus slides are provided for training in common eye disease identification.

The slides were processed from actual clinical images in order to reproduce appropriate representative views in the eye unit. Slides (set of 10) -- Normal eye-ground -- Hypertensive retinopathy: arteriolar vasoconstriction grade 3, arteriolosclerosis grade 1, hemorrhages and cotton wool spots, simple vein concealment. -- Simple/background diabetic retinopathy: microaneurysm, hemorrhages and hard exudates -- Papilloedema (shronic phase) -- Papilloedema (acute phase) -- Glaucomatous optic atrophy: glaucomatous optic disc cupping and nerve fi ber defect -- Retinal vein occlusion (acute phase): fl ame-shaped hemorrhage and cotton wool spots -- Retinal vein occlusion (after retinal laser photocoagulation) -- Toxoplasmosis: retinochoroiditis -- Age-related macular degeneration: macular exudates and subretinal hemorrhage.

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