MD 126

PROMPT Birthing Simulator

Skills: Normal delivery -- Breech delivery -- Delivery on all fours -- Shoulder dystocia management -- Forceps delivery: traction and rotational deliveries -- Vacuum delivery. Features of Baby: Fully articulated body -- Force monitoring system including computer software package for simultaneous force display, measurement and recording of data -- Weight 2.3 kg -- Palpable fontanelles and suture lines -- Palpable clavicles and scapulae -- Detachable placenta with cord. Features of Mother: Realistic pelvis modelled from CT scan data -- Detachable abdominal and perineal skin to enable visualisation of internal manoeuvres and foetal positioning during training -- Durable, stretchy silicone skin and perineal musculature -- Detachable base with securing straps to allow fixing to table or delivery bed -- Patient actor can be integrated with birthing mother for training sessions -- Movable legs: semi-recumbent, Lithotomy position, McRoberts' position, all fours position.

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