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PROMPT Birthing Simulator, Force Monitoring

Includes the force monitoring baby which is fitted with an electronic strain gauge allowing for the measurement of force applied to the baby as it is delivered. Skills: Normal delivery -- Breech delivery -- Delivery on all fours -- Shoulder dystocia management -- Forceps delivery: traction and rotational deliveries -- Vacuum delivery. Features of Baby: Fully articulated body -- Force monitoring system including computer software package for simultaneous force display, measurement and recording of data -- Weight 2.3 kg -- Palpable fontanelles and suture lines -- Palpable clavicles and scapulae -- Detachable placenta with cord. Features of Mother: Realistic pelvis modelled from CT scan data -- Detachable abdominal and perineal skin to enable visualisation of internal manoeuvres and foetal positioning during training -- Durable, stretchy silicone skin and perineal musculature -- Detachable base with securing straps to allow fixing to table or delivery bed -- Patient actor can be integrated with birthing mother for training sessions -- Movable legs: semi-recumbent, Lithotomy position, McRoberts' position, all fours position.

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