MD 132

Lumbar Epidural Injection Simulator

The Trainer was designed for assisting trainee anesthetists to learn and safely practice the techniques for making injections into the spinal lumbar area. Features include: The Seldinger Insertion Technique can be used -- Left side (lateral) or prone (midline) position can be used -- There are five lumbar vertebral bones embedded within the ligamentum flavum that can be identified L1-L5 -- A Loss of Resistance Syringe is supplied with a Tuohy needle that can be used to understand depth and loss of resistance -- The trainer can be disassembled to show the location of where the needle has been placed by the trainee -- Realistic tissue layers replicate the tactile feedback from the skin, subcutaneous tissues, the Intraspinous ligaments and the ligamentum flavum -- If accidental dural puncture occurs, “cerebrospinal fluid” (simulated), will appear in the syringe -- Tactile and visual access to the lumbar spine epidural space and dural sac -- Spinal needles can be introduced and enter the dura mater. Key Skills Include: Identify key anatomical landmarks i.e. Lumbar vertebrae, spinal processes -- Inter-spinous spaces can be palpated below the skin -- Learn the loss of resistance technique upon entering the epidural space by using the injection of air or saline -- Practice withdrawal of fluid into the syringe -- Lumbar puncture technique can also be performed.

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HSL Call number: MD 132

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