MD 158

Branched 4-Vessel Ultrasound Training Block Simulator

Blue Phantom Select Series Branched 4 Vessel vascular access ultrasound training model is an excellent training phantom to help clinicians develop, practice and maintain the skills necessary for guiding ultrasound guided venous access and arterial access procedures. Excellent for clinicians beginning to use ultrasound as well as more advanced users seeking more challenging insertion technique training. The branched vessels offer multiple training opportunities; independent linear vessels for initial training in addition to multiple overlapping branched vessels for more advanced ultrasound training. Gain experience by choosing to guide needles to individual vessels or for more advanced training, target overlapping branched vessels at different depths as you would experience in the human patient. Once users accurately access the vessels within the model, positive fluid flow provides the user with positive feedback that they have accessed the targeted vessel. This medical simulation trainer can be used with any ultrasound imaging system configured with the appropriate transducer (recommended ultrasound transducer; high frequency linear array ultrasound probe 5.0 - 12 MHz).

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HSL Call number: MD 158

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