MD 168

AirSim Advance Crico with Bronchial Tree and Breakout Teeth Simulator

Advance Crico model provides realism during needle/surgical Cricothyroidotomy. The neck area has been manipulated to contain the anatomical features which are highlighted during a Cricothyroidotomy procedure. It is anatomically correct with a replaceable neck skin and larynx. It is lightweight and portable, and maintains the unique features such as the AirSim airway and nasal passage together with the additional palpable thyroid cartilage, cricothryoid membrane and cricoid cartilage. The mannikin can be used in the training of the following procedures: Full range of supraglottic devices; Laryngoscopes; Tracheal Tubes; Fiber optic Laryngoscopes; Needle/Surgical Cricothyroidotomy; Naso?tracheal intubation; Awake Fiber optic examination; Bag & mask ventilation techniques. TruCorp recommends the following equipment sizes for optimal performance: 7.0-7.5 mm ID for nasal intubation; 8.0-9.0 mm ID for oral intubation; Size 3 and 4 for LMA laryngeal masks (similar respective sizes for other supraglottic devices).

Carrying Case Includes: 1 AirSim Advance Crico Airway Management Manikin, 1 Roll of airway sealing tape, and 1 neck skin attached onto model as supplied.

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HSL Call number: MD 168

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