Health Sciences Library Outreach

The Creighton University Health Sciences Library is involved in outreach within the university and in the local and regional community. The library has several programs that provide outreach services.

  • Outreach Liaison
    Judi Bergjord serves as the library’s outreach liaison. She provides training and services to staff, faculty and students at off campus clinics and worksites. Ms. Bergjord can be reached at bergjord@creighton.edu or call 402-280-5199.
  • Multicultural Health Information Resources Center (MHIRC)
    The Creighton University School of Medicine received a grant to create a Center of Excellence focusing on the problem of under-representation of economic and educationally disadvantaged students. The library manages the MHIRC collection, which is available to the general public.
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine MidContinental Region NN/LM MCR 
    The NN/LM MCR is one of eight regional medical libraries in the U.S. that supports the goal of providing equal access to biomedical information for health care professionals and members of the general public through collaborations with medical and public libraries and community based organizations. Creighton University’s Health Sciences Library manages a subcontract with the NN/LM MCR to house the office of the Community Outreach Liaison. This position focuses on improving access to biomedical information in the region, with an emphasis on underserved communities and the elimination health disparities.