Library Membership

Library Membership

Library Membership is for those not affiliated with Creighton University Health Sciences Library but who wish to have access to our services such as interlibrary loan and extended reference. Membership does not include remote access to the online journal collection. The annual fee is $300.00.

Membership Services

  • Borrowing privileges available
  • Document delivery and interlibrary loan
  • Photocopy services by Library staff at reduced rates
  • Subject searches by Library staff at reduced rates
  • Research services
  • Citation verification service
  • Controlled Access hours

Membership Availability

Memberships are available to private physicians or health care professionals not affiliated with Creighton University.

Automatic Privileges

Membership is not required for the following groups, which automatically receive Library privileges:

  • Alumni of Creighton University


Library Membership Fees

Membership Fee: $300 (annual)




Borrowing Privileges


Available for $40

Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan  

$11 per item

$20 per item

Photocopy Service by Library Staff

$11 per article

$20 per article

Literature Search Service

$50 flat fee up to 2 hours

$75 flat fee up to 2 hours

Citation Verification Service

$1.25 per citation

Available (Please inquire)

Controlled Access hours


Available (Please inquire)

A Library membership card will be sent upon receipt of membership application and payment.


Library Membership Application and Renewal Form