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Pre-Health Sciences Links and Resources

General Information

"Getting Clinical Experience While Getting Paid" Resources

Handout for PMED Elective on September 24, 2013 - Examples of opportunities that offer the chance to get patient care/medically-related experience while being employed.

Job Search Tips - Need to know info on strategies for getting hired!

Going Abroad?  If you are considering an international medical service experience, please read this important information from the AAMC and the Group for Student Activities (GSA):

 Information on Shadowing

Information on Volunteering and Service

  • EDGE Informational Handout - including resources for hospital volunteering at CUMC and other area hospitals

New MCAT Study Tool (2012)

  • The Official MCAT® Self-Assessment Package is the first online study tool that allows examinees to evaluate how well they know MCAT content and to use that data to better prepare for the exam. Examinees answer questions from previous MCAT exams and receive feedback in an analytic summary outling their strenghts and weaknesses in the content and skills tested on the exam. The tool may be purchased individually, or as a package of three for $104. (If purchased individually, the Physical and Biological Sciences Self-Assessments are $45 and the Verbal Reasoning Self-Assessment is $40.) Students may complete a self-Assessment early in their preparation to identify the weak areas in which to focus their studies or complete it later for extra practice.

More links with a wealth of information for you: