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Program Options.





Did you know that Creighton University offers fully subsidized tobacco education and cessation programs to benefits-eligible employees and spouses to further support its tobacco-free campus policy? Whether you (or your spouse) want to learn more about nicotine addiction, are considering quitting in the future, or are ready to quit now, we can help.

View our incentive overview for more information and continue reading below for information on options to help tobacco users quit.

Programs to Help You Quit Tobacco

Creighton offers several classes and seminars to assist Creighton community members with tobacco cessation. Seminars are available for those considering quitting tobacco, but who may not be ready. Group classes or individual counseling session are available for those who are ready to quit. Check the Upcoming Events page for the current schedule of activities.

Commit to Quit Classes

Commit to Quit is our highly successful, 8-session group tobacco cessation program for those ready to make the commitment to quit tobacco use.

Commit to Quit focuses on addressing the behaviors associated with tobacco use in order to help attendees re-learn how to live their lives without tobacco use. Classes are available in the afternoons and early evenings.  

1-on-1 Sessions

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a group class, need more personalized help, or want more schedule flexibility, 1-on-1 sessions are available as well. Benefits-eligible employees and spouses can receive 4 individual counseling sessions to develop and work through a quit plan. These can be scheduled as needed over a maximum period of 6 weeks, and typically last 30-60 minutes each. Sessions are available between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

Education Programs

Tobacco 101

Tobacco 101 is a tobacco education program designed for tobacco users who are not quit ready to quit, but are getting more comfortable with the idea of change. Discussion topics include: the "science" behind nicotine addiction and quitting tobacco, readiness to change, pros and cons of quitting and of continuing nicotine use, tools to assist change, and available cessation programs. Classes are held in a group format. Both 4-session classes and a one-time presentation are available.

When a Smoker Tries to Quit

This presentation is designed for non-tobacco users. Quitting smoking (or any form of tobacco) is very difficult for non-tobacco users to understand. When a Smoker Tries to Quit helps explain what a person is going through when they are trying to quit and what friends, families, and co-workers can do to help support them.