Wellness Is Personal

Wellness Is Personal.

What might be important to one person isn't necessarily the same to another.  We may think of wellness as the ability to be physically active, or to have the energy to perform our daily tasks and care for our loved ones.  It may be that some feel that it is being free of illness or disease and others see it as a feeling of happiness and prosperity.

Creighton University Wellness is Personal (WIP) Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide and promote a healthy worksite culture that assists all employees, regardless of their starting point, in reaching and maintaining a healthy body through research based, innovative and supportive interventions, policies, tools and resources and encouragement of a relationship with a personal physician.  The ultimate goal is to address how wellness is personal for each of Creighton’s constituents.  Additionally, we hope to help contain direct costs (health care spending) and indirect costs (productivity and absenteeism) to the University as a result of reducing employee risk for chronic diseases associated with lifestyle factors.