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Compensation Plan

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Creighton University strives to provide a balance of competitive compensation, benefits, and employee-related programs.  Creighton's compensation philosophy is to pay competitively in the market, specifically, within higher education and the local labor market, in order to attract and retain staff, administration and faculty.   

Responsibilities of compensation include:

  • Wage and salary administration
  • Salary Structures and Pay Ranges
  • Job evaluation/classification
  • Development and maintenance of job descriptions
  • Recommendations on hiring salaries
  • Salary survey participation
  • Job reclassifications and salary changes
  • FLSA and other regulatory compliance (see handout for more info)
  • General FLSA information

Job Evaluations/Reclassifications

  1. Manager completes the job description template (job description guide) and e-mails to
  2. Compensation reviews position responsibilities and market survey data for appropriate title and grade level classification.
  3. Compensation makes recommendations on grade/title and salary adjustments if necessary.
  4. Manager completes and submits EAF to HR_Employee_Action_Form inbox.
  5. Change is processed with the next pay period applicable depending on whether or not the position is Exempt (Monthly) or Non-Exempt (Bi-Weekly).