Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP provides professional counseling, information, and referral services to faculty, staff and their families. The program offers confidential consultation on a wide variety of personal, family and/or work-related problems that may contribute to high levels of stress and interfere with health and work performance.

Holiday Wellness

EAP Member Services

Work/Life Services

Work/Life Services - We're Here to Help You

Work/Life Services - How Our Process Works

Legal and Financial Consultation Services

There are two ways to use EAP: 

  1. Access their website at https://www.magellanascend.com/. Here you'll find tips on everything from parenting, to weight loss, to depression. These services are free to you, as an employee, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  2. Call EAP at 1-800-424-4831. As an employee,  you are eligible to receive up to 8 consultations per issue, per year. If the issue requires more than 8 consultations, EAP will refer you to the health plan and/or community for further assistance. If a referral is made to a private counselor or community agency, the individual is responsible through health insurance or personal resources for payment to the counselor or agency for all services rendered. Your dependents (spouses and children who qualify as a dependent status) may also use this benefit.

Coupon Savings are also available through EAP in your area.


Developing resiliency and grit

How good are you at rolling with the punches? Somehow, life always manages to present you with challenges that you didn’t see coming. Fortunately you can improve your resilience skills—enabling you to bounce back when confronted with a crisis or an unexpected change. Learn more in this month’s newsletter.


Emotional Muscle Part Two: How to Grow Resilient School-Age Kids and Become Stronger Parents │ Wednesday, January 8

Join this webinar to:

  • Define emotional muscle and how it pertains to resilience
  • Describe why it's essential for kids and teens to build their emotional muscle
  • Learn ways to help kids and teens develop emotional muscle and bounce back from difficulities

Momentum Newsletter - Developing Resilience and Grit     [Spanish]
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January is Mental Wellness Month     [Spanish]

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