Gratitude and Recognition

Gratitude and Recognition

This page is dedicated to those who've taken extraordinary measures to help maintain business operations, assist students and staff in transitions, and ensure the safety of all of us at Creighton during the coronavirus pandemic.

We want to THANK YOU for going the extra mile.

If you know someone in the Creighton community who deserves to be recognized, fill out the Gratitude and Recognition form.

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Facilities Management and Public Safety

"This is just a general shout out to two of the departments who are helping to keep our community safe and healthy during this unprecedented situation. Thank you for all you do!"

Received From: Anonymous

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Gina Miller - HR

"Gina always has an encouraging smile on her face and kind words to uplift!  In our 'new normal' Gina has taken the time to send sweet e-mails to cheer her co-workers on and check in to ensure everyone is doing well." 

Received From: Chris

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Debby Halstrom - Information Technology

"Debby sends out a division wide joke, story, funny picture, or an encouraging email everyday.  It gives us all something to laugh about or share comments on what was sent.  She is our office mom, cheerleader, friend, shoulder to cry on, and our rock.  Thank you, Debby!!"

Received From: Denise Handrock

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Becky Nickerson - Director of the Creighton Intercultural Center - Division of Student Life

"Becky is amazing and has gone above and beyond to assist students getting meals through the Creighton Cupboard. She is a woman for and with others."

Received From: Desiree Nownes

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Angela Maynard and Jenni Bragg - Student Health Education and Compliance - Division of Student Life

 "Angela and Jenni have been outstanding both in educating the Creighton community about COVID-19 and reaching out to care for those who are impacted by this virus. They are heroes behind the scenes and truly deserve so much recognition for their amazing work."

Received From: Desiree Nownes

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: David Buffington - University Libraries

"David has been collaborating with the School of Medicine, CHI and others to 3D print parts for face shields and masks for healthcare workers. He has done a lot of research and testing and comes to campus almost every day of the week to start more print jobs and check on the progress. I appreciate his "all-in" attitude and efforts to be of assistance to area healthcare workers if they are unable to obtain the normal PPE devices."

Received From: Debra Sturges

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Animal Resources Facility Staff - Animal Resource Faciliity

"I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the tireless efforts of the Animal Resource Facility staff, especially during this crisis. As critical personnel, they have been troopers in displaying patience and flexibility as scheduling coverage during this pandemic has evolved. Their dedication to the health and wellbeing of the animals under their care is commendable. Truly caring people, caring for animals. Thank you!"

Received From: Pat Steele

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: David Buffington and Library Staff - Kingfisher Institute Staff

"David used the 3D printers in the library to create face shields for health workers. He is a brilliant and tirelessly inventive force in the libraries and for extending the university's mission through technology.

Kudos also go out to new library AVP Liz Kiscaden for supporting and empowering this innovation, and of course to all the librarians who are creatively and dedicatedly providing services online"

Received From: Charise Alexander Adams

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Emily Rust - University Communications and Marketing

"My colleague Emily Rust has done a tremendous job of keeping the campus informed during this difficult time, as editor of Creighton Today. She has helped us Stay Creighton. And she has done it all with a very positive attitude. Thanks, Emily!"

Received From: Rick Davis

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Doug Reynolds - Senior Client Support Specialist - School of Law

"Doug has gone out of his way to help me work at home. I had a LOT of problems with my initial laptop. It was an older model that someone else had turned in, and now I know why. More than once it gave me a screen with words suggesting its imminent demise. I hated using it, so I contacted Doug about the possibility of getting another laptop. Since this wasn't going to be easy given the circumstances we are now in (long story), Doug offered to give me the laptop he was using. We then met in a Wells Fargo parking lot and made the switch. Life has been good ever since! Unfortunately, I have a feeling Doug may not be able to say the same thing...

Doug has been assigned to the Law School for at least a couple of yours now, and he always gives us great service. In other words of one of my colleagues, "He's the best", and we are grateful to have him. Thanks, Doug!"

Received From: Janet Bruning

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: David Buffington - Health Sciences Library

"David has been continuing to make PPE for CHI Health on the libraries' 3D printers. He has been running them nearly non stop for weeks."

Received From: Shawn Ammon

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Katherine Vacha - Pharmacy - HR

"Katherine has taught a virtual zoom yoga class on Wednesdays at 7:30. It has been wonderful for staff and faculty to join during this COVID time. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents."

Received From: Molly Billings

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Executive Assistants Group - Division of Information Technology

"I would like to give a special thank you to the Executive Assistants that support the Creighton Leadership. During this time we have become such a strong support group for each other. Sharing our knowledge, support and kindness every day. Creighton University is blessed to have this group support our Leadership."

Received From: Deborah Hallstrom

Person or Group You Would Like to Recognize: Meredith Lierk - Office of Equity and Inclusion

"Meredith went above and beyond to create a virtual "Take Back the Night" event on April 23. With over 80 participants it was an opportunity for healing, for sharing, and for community building among survivors of sexual assault and dating violence and supportive friends and allies within the Creighton community. Rather than cancel such an important event, Meredith and her committee transitioned the event to a virtual format and provided an important space for survivors to gather, share, and listen. This was a huge undertaking and Meredith's tireless work is so appreciated by many on campus!"

Received From: Allison Taylor