Employee vs. Independent Contractor Policies & Procedures


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Employee vs. Independent Contractor

All parties who perform services for the University are classified as either employees or independent contractors (a/k/a service provider, vendor, company). Departments that engage such parties must submit the required documentation for determination of classification before any services are performed or payment requests are processed.

See Employee Classification Policy #2.2.28 which outlines the University's policy and procedures related to worker classification and payments.


To determine whether parties providing services are an independent contractor or an employee, their information must be entered into the Independent Contractor/Employee Administrative Application. Human Resources along with Legal and Finance (if needed) will make a determination of classification. We will inform the department via e-mail communication. Please allow 3-5 business days for review.

  1. Employee - Full-Time, Benefit Eligible:  Normal hiring procedures should be followed. Please log into the HR Intranet and view the Manager Toolkit for more information on hiring a new employee. New hire paperwork can be found here.
  2. Temporary, Non-Benefit Eligible: A standard contract or letter must be  approved and signed by both parties prior to beginning work. Contact Human Resources for assistance.
    Print the Checklist for Employment prior to proceeding.
  3. Independent Contractor: Refer to the Independent Contractor Instructions and contact the Purchasing Department to obtain correct contract form. These instructions and Contract Control Sheet can also be found on General Counsel's Forms tab.

Note: a contract is not necessary for: Athletic Officials, Standardized Patient Stipends, Research Participant Stipends, TRIO Program Participants, Dissertation Team Member Stipends. Contact the Business Service Center for assistance.