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Campus Emergency Procedures

Bomb Threats

If an employee receives a bomb threat, call Public Safety immediately at 280-2911. Public Safety Officers will respond, assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Chemical Spills

If an employee observes a suspicious person, suspicious activity, or crime in progress, contact Public Safety immediately at x2911 and describe the action taking place. If possible, give a complete physical description of the individual(s) involved. Do not attempt to apprehend someone or put an employee at risk. Public Safety Officers will respond immediately.


  • If smoke or flame is detected, activate fire alarm pull station. Evacuate building.
  • Contact Public Safety at x2911 and provide all information requested.

During evacuation:

  • Go to the nearest exit.
  • DO NOT use the elevator.
  • Keep low to the floor if smoke is present
  • Once outside, keep away from the building.

When evacuation is impossible:

  • As an employee leaves the room to enter a hallway, feel the doorknob.
  • If the knob is hot, do not open the door. Remain in the room.
  • If heat or heavy smoke prevents evacuation, close the door and remain in the room.
  • Seal the door with wet towels.
  • Hang a white object (towel/sheet) out the window to attract attention.
  • Do not leave the window open all the way.
  • Call Public Safety at x2911 to report your status. Wait for help to arrive.

Injury or Illness:

Non-life Threatening Situations:

Contact Public Safety at 280-2104 and provide all information requested. Public Safety will notify a health aide, provide transportation to Student Health or Creighton University Medical Center, summon a rescue squad or provide necessary assistance.

Life Threatening Situations:
  • Do not attempt to move victim unless absolutely necessary.
  • If victim is not breathing, administer CPR if you are trained.
  • Contact Public Safety at x2911 and provide all information requested.
  • Public Safety will immediately summon a rescue squad and guide it to your location.
  • An officer will also respond directly to your location to render assistance.



A watch is in effect when the National Weather Service reports that conditions are such that a tornado could develop. Turn on a radio or television to monitor further developments. Public Safety will not provide additional information.


Civil Defense sirens will sound when a tornado has been sighted or detected by radar. Direct people in the area to seek shelter immediately in the designated area of the building. Remain in the shelter area until an all-clear has been issued on the radio or television. Public Safety will not provide additional information.

University Closings

  1. The decision to close the University because of snow storms or other events rests with the President who will notify the Vice Presidents of an emergency closing.
  2. These administrators, in turn, will notify the departments under their supervision.
  3. In the event of a morning or all-day closing, this announcement will be broadcast over local radio stations, or an employee may call the Weather Hotline at 280-5800 to receive a recorded message regarding the status of a University closing.

When a decision is made to close the University, information is posted immediately on the Weather Hotline. There is no need to call the President, Human Resources, or Public Safety under this procedure.