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What an employee can expect from Creighton University...

Creighton University will:

  • Be a responsive employer and adhere to the principles of diversity and equal employment opportunity in its employment practices.
  • Offer opportunities and encouragement for personal growth and career development.

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What Creighton University expects from an employee...

In order to achieve our goal of providing comprehensive excellence in education and service, the University expects an employee to:

  • Exercise best effort to complete all assigned responsibilities.
  • Be regular and punctual in attendance.
  • Cooperate with co-workers in a spirit of teamwork.
  • Comply with all established University policies and procedures.
  • Ask questions when unclear or unsure of work responsibilities and offer suggestions to enhance the work environment.
  • Take initiative for career development through available education and training programs.

If an employee has questions or concerns about working conditions or compensation, he/she is encouraged to talk with his/her supervisor.

Our experience has shown that when employees deal openly with their supervisor the work environment can be rewarding, communications can be clear, and attitudes can be positive.

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Employee Relations

The University is committed to promoting positive working relationships and effective communication among employees. Human Resources serves as a resource to employees in addressing the concerns encountered in the workplace. In addition, the Employee Relations Administrator provides guidance to supervisors and employees on human resource issues and suggestions on programs to enhance the working environment.

Employees are encouraged to contact the Human Resources Department to discuss workplace issues and concerns.

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University Policies

Policies of Interest

Absenteeism and Tardiness Policy Policy 2.2.19
Advertising Policy Policy 2.1.18
Affirmative Action and EEO Policy Policy 2.2.1
Affirmative Action for Individuals with Disabilities Policy 2.2.2
Alcohol Policy 2.2.18
Computer Software Policy 2.1.8
Computer Practices and Software Licenses Policy 2.2.15
Conflict of Interest Policy for All Employees Policy 3.1.11
Control of Infectious Diseases Policy 2.2.16
Credo of Creighton Policy 1.1.1
Drug and Alcohol Use Policy 2.2.15
Drug Free Workplace Policy 2.2.15
Employee Performance and Conduct Policy Policy 2.2.20
Employee Use of a Personal Vehicle Policy 2.2.12
Energy Conservation Policy 2.3.2
Extra Salary Payments for Exempt Employees Policy 2.2.8
Family and Medical Leave Policy 2.2.14
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy 3.1.10
Fraud and Embezzlement Policy Policy 3.1.9
Harrassment and Discrimination Policy 2.2.3
Mail Policy 2.1.9
Mission Statement of Creighton University Policy 1.1.2
Nepotism Policy Policy 2.2.4
Noncommercial Aircraft Policy 2.1.13
Personnel Files - Access Policy 2.2.7
Pre-Employment Background Investigation Policy 2.2.21
Reduction In Force Policy 2.2.10
Relationships between Employees and Students Policy 2.2.5
Solicitation of Private Gifts Policy 3.1.5
Sharing of Financial Information Policy 3.1.8
Smoking Policy 2.2.17
Tuition Reciprocal Reduction Policy 2.2.11
Tuition Remission Policy 2.2.12
Vehicle Safety Policy 2.1.14
Weather or Emergency Related Absence Policy 2.2.9



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