Economic Outlook

Recent Survey Results

Mid-American Business Conditions Weaken Again: Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma Sink Index

August survey results at a glance:

* Weakness in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and Oklahoma pushed the regional index below growth neutral for August.
*  Wholesale inflation gauge drops to its lowest level since the recession of May 2009.
* Approximately 75 percent expect a September Federal Reserve rate hike to have either a positive, or no impact, on their businesses.
* New hiring remains weak with job gains for Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and South Dakota offset by job losses.
* The nine-state region has lost almost 9,000 manufacturing jobs since January of this year.

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Rural Mainstreet Index Falls to Growth Neutral for August: Cash Rents Expand as Farmland Prices Slump

August Survey Results at a Glance:

* The Rural Mainstreet Index sinks to growth neutral for August.
* Farmland prices decline for the 21st straight month, but cash rents remain strong at $263 per acre.
* On average, bankers expect farmland prices to decline by another 5.8 percent over the next 12 months.
* Housing sales expand at a healthy pace.

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