Economic Outlook

Recent Survey Results

Slowing Growth Ahead for Mid-America:
Job Losses for April

April survey results at a glance:

Leading economic indicator rises but remains in slow growth range.
Hiring gauge drops below growth neutral.
Approximately 29.1 percent of firms report shortages of qualified applicants for open positions.
Inflation reading still indicating only modest wholesale price growth.
Supply managers expect prices of goods and services sold by their firm to expand by a very modest 1.6 percent over the next year.

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Rural Mainstreet Economy Slows:
Some Bankers Reported Negative Impacts from Bird Flu

May Survey Results at a Glance:

* The Rural Mainstreet Index improved, but remained below growth neutral for May signaling slight pullbacks in economic activity.
* Farmland prices declined for the 18th straight month, but with wide variations across the region.
* Almost one in five bankers reported negative fallout from the avian flu outbreak.
* Agriculture equipment-sales index dropped to a record low level.
* Bankers identified rising regulatory costs as the top economic challenge to bank profitability for the next five years..

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