Economic Outlook

Recent Survey Results

Business Conditions Improve for June:
New Hiring Remains Weak

June survey results at a glance:

* Leading economic indicator strengthens for the month.
* Hiring gauge remains below growth neutral, but four of 10 firms expect to add workers in the second half of 2015.
* Inflation reading falls. Firms expect their prices to grow by 1.7 percent in next year.
* Oklahoma and North Dakota weaken again as energy sector sheds jobs.

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Rural Mainstreet economy improves for July:
More than half of bank CEOs expect higher loan defaults

July Survey Results at a Glance:

* The Rural Mainstreet Index rose above growth neutral, its highest reading since January of this year.
* Farmland prices declined for the 20th straight month, but with wide variations across the region.
* On average, bankers reported a 6.8 percent fall in farmland prices over the past 12 months.
* Only 11.9 percent of bankers reported that farm loan defaults were up for the year.  However, 54.8 percent of bankers expect farm loan defaults to rise over the next year.
* Retail sales rise for the month.

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