Gail Werner-Robertson Fellows

Contact Information

Institute for Economic Inquiry
Heider College of Business
Creighton University
Omaha, NE 68178

Phone: (402) 280-1887

Joe Anderson

Joe is an MBA student with research interests in regulation. He examined the regressive effects of regulation, finding evidence that costs incurred from regulations effect low-income wages more so than high-income wages.

Regressive Effects of Regulations on Wages in the US

Abigail Bodeau

Abigail is a senior from Denver, Colorado studying theology and economics. Her research works to integrate these two major interests, synthesizing the thought of Adam Smith and John Henry Newman to argue for the need for interdisciplinary research.

Does the Dismal Science Need to be Redeemed?

Abigail's research was submitted to the Carl Menger Essay Compeition at the Foundation for Economic Education. Her essay earned first place.

Menger Essay

Morgan Campbell

Morgan is a senior majoring in economics. Her research investigated the effectiveness of the Gini coefficient as an indicator of inequality. Morgan's findings suggest that the Gini coefficient is less reliable as a statistic of ineqaulity in states with a high percentage of GDP generated from the agriculture sector.

The Weakness of the Gini Coefficient in Farm States

Morgan has further developed her work into a working paper that is being submitted for publication.

Working Paper

Ryan Coughlin

Ryan is a junior from Maple Grove, Minnesota. He is majoring in finance and accounting. Ryan's research examines whether the unprecedented Federal Reserve policies from 2000 to 2015 has had an effect on macroeconomic announcements.

Federal Reserve Policy and the Intraday Impact of Economic Releases on US Equity Markets: 2000-2015

Ryan is expanding his research into a paper that will be submitted for potential publication.

Working Paper

Clara Jace

Clara is a senior studying economics and marketing. Her research focuses on education policy, specifically charter schools.

Let the People Charter

Clara has expanded her work on charter schools and is submitting her paper for publication.

Working Paper

Kevin Thomson

Kevin is a junior studying economics and political science. Kevin's research examined how the City of Omaha utilitizes economic development tools, specifically tax-increment financing. His work compares Omaha to similar cities and provides guidance in how a city can promote growth through entrepeneurship.

Is Omaha an Entrepreneurial City?

Revitalization and the Rent Gap: The Role of Tax Increment Financing