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FLPA Application

Faculty-Led Program Abroad (FLPA) Application 

Thank you for your interest in one of Creighton's 2015 Faculty-Led Programs! 

A complete FLPA Application consists of the following:

FORM 1: Online FLPA Application Form  (see below)

Click on the appropriate application link in the section below. Applications are listed by country.  In some cases, more than one course travels to the same country, so be sure you are selecting the correct application form. Pressing the "submit button" one time allows you to review the form--be sure to press "submit" a second time to send your application. You will receive an email from the Study Abroad Coordinator confirming that your application has been received (typically within 3-5 business days).

FORM 2: Faculty Letter of Recommendation

(To be completed by the faculty member leading the travel course)
Print this form and complete Part 1 (student section). Then, take the form to your FLPA Faculty Leader and ask him/her to complete Part II. Your faculty leader may choose to return the form to you in a sealed envelope or return it directly to the OIP by email or inter-campus mail.

FORM 3: Acknowledgement Form

Print this form, read and sign (links below; .pdf or Word). All eligible program participants under the age of 22 are required to have this form signed by a parent/guardian.

Once complete, the ORIGINAL, SIGNED form (with original signatures from both the student and parent/guardian) should be dropped off to the OIP front desk or mailed to the address below.

If it is not possible to return the completed, original form by mail or in-person, the form can be emailed directly to (email must be received from the parent/guardian signing the form). ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

All FLPA application materials should be dropped off to the OIP front desk (CRHL 324) during office hours (M-F, 8:00a.m.-4:30p.m.) or mailed to:

Attn: International Programs Advisor
Office of International Programs (OIP)
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

Questions? Call 402-280-2221 to schedule an appointment with the International Programs Advisor, or stop by during study abroad walk-in hours (Tuesdays from 10-12pm, Wednesday from 9-11am).


CHINA - Heider College of Business
BUS 479/MBA 779: Pearl River Delta Course


FRN 525: Paris, Ville du Monde

GER 525: The New Berlin

GERMANY - Social Work

SWK 371 (Social Work Issues): A Global Perspective
SWK 422: Children & Poverty

"Germany, From Nuremberg to The Hague"

EDU 586: Framework for Culture & Language

HIS 395: The Irish Experience
ENG 300: Introduction to Creative Writing (Core)

ITA 535: Roma  

THL 343: Ecclesiology in Global Contect: The Church in Peru
SOC 411: Social Inequality & Stratification

BUS 479/MBA 779: Discover South Africa: Business, Culture & Sights

SPN 316: Spanish Immersion
SPN 424: Encuentro Espaņol

NDR 720: Collective Memory, History, and Conflict


SRP 470/EDU 470/JPS 470: Poverty in America