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Travel Insurance

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is partnered with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) to provide you with a comprehensive health insurance plan during your travels overseas. Coverage is available on a monthly basis. The cost is $42 per month, regardless of age (refer to enrollment form for additional details).

All Creighton faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad under the auspices of Creighton University are required to purchase the supplemental travel insurance administered by the OIP for the duration of their time overseas (refer to Creighton's International Travel Policy).


Program/Reason for Travel:

Insurance Requirement:

Encuentro Dominicano


Bilateral Exchange Participants


Affiliate Program Participants


ISEP, Partner and Associate Program Participants

Optional, but encouraged. (Students choosing to decline the CISI coverage must still complete the form below).

Graduate & Professional School Students (i.e.-Project CURA, ILAC, OT/PT Rotations, Intern/Externships)


Students and faculty/staff, traveling abroad for non-credit purposes, under the auspices of CU (i.e.-conferences, research, service, etc.)


Spouses and/or Dependents of faculty/staff on CU-sponsored travel abroad

Optional. Different rates apply. Contact OIP for enrollment form (do not use form below).

Students and faculty/staff traveling abroad independently NOT under the auspices of CU

Not eligible for coverage under this policy. Contact OIP for alternate options.

Important Information: All travelers should maintain primary health insurance coverage while abroad. The travel insurance offered by the OIP is a supplemental policy. It is the responsibility of all travelers to check with the embassy/consulate of the host country to determine if travel insurance is required in order to obtain a visa to enter the host country. If needed for visa purposes, you can obtain a letter verifying your insurance policy from the CISI online portal after enrollment. International students, scholars, and faculty are eligible to purchase the insurance if traveling outside the U.S. AND outside his/her home country.

Questions? Please contact the Office of International Programs (OIP) at 402-280-2221, or email


To enroll in the insurance, complete the Travel Insurance Enrollment Form and return it to the OIP, along with payment, at least 7-10 business days prior to your departure. Study abroad students should submit this form to the OIP consistent with your pre-departure forms deadline and instructions. NOTE: Students participating in Faculty-Led Summer Programs Abroad (FLPA's) and Project CURA programs do NOT need to complete this form as you will automatically be enrolled in the insurance for the duration of your program.

(For questions, please contact 402-280-2221)

Upon receiving your Travel Insurance Enrollment Form and payment, the OIP will enroll you in the CISI policy. Once enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation from CISI with a username and password allowing you to log into the CISI online portal. The portal will allow you to print a copy of your insurance card, purchase additional coverage for personal travel, review policy information, obtain a customizable consulate letter (if needed for visa purposes), and review safety related travel resources.