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Prior to Departure

There are many things that you will need to do prior to your departure.  Pre-departure planning is extremely important and should not be overlooked.  Careful preparations prior to your departure can affect whether or not you have a successful experience abroad.

Review Health & Safety Information

You have the ability to affect your own health and safety while abroad, through the decisions you make before departure and during the program, especially concerning your day-to-day choices while abroad.  Detailed health & safety information will be discussed during the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation. You should speak with your doctor as soon as possible regarding any required or recommended immunizations needed for your travels.  Keep in mind that some immunizations/vaccinations may need to be started months before to your departure.

Visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for additional Health & Safety Information.

Obtain a Passport and/or Visa

Get a passport and provide a copy of the picture page to the OIP. If you have a passport, check its expiration date to be sure that it is valid for your entire stay and at least 6 months after the end of your program.  If you do not have a passport, apply for one as soon as possible.  When you receive your passport, make sure that it is signed.  For more information visit the Passport & Visa section of this website. Secure a visa, if needed, for your host country. 

Visit the U.S. Department of State's Website for additional Passport & Visa Information.

Obtain Preliminary Course Approval

Contact your academic advisor(s) to dicuss your plans to study abroad and review the courses that you plan to take while abroad.  You will also need to complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form (brown form) and submit it to the OIP.  Make sure to keep a copy for yourself, so you know which classes you had pre-approved.  This will assist you when you register for courses upon your arrival in the host country.

Attend the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

All study abroad students are required to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation. Study Abroad Approval is contingent upon participation in the Pre-Departure Orientation conducted by the OIP.  Students who have unexcused absences at the regularly scheduled pre-departure orientation(s) will be required to make up the missed orientation(s) as described in the Study Abroad Policies & Procedures.  See the Calendar for specific dates and times of the orientation.

Turn In Forms & Documentation

Turn in all required forms and documentation to the OIP by the deadline indicated in the Forms section of this website. NOTE:  Students who do not submit the required forms by the deadline will not receive final approval from the OIP and risk losing academic credit and/or financial aid for their study abroad experience. 

Take Care of Financial Issues

Pay your bills and make arrangements to have all of your Creighton charges paid while you are abroad. Be sure that you do not owe any outstanding fines to Creighton.  Public Safety and the Library can place a hold on your student account that will prevent you from registering for courses for the next term. Meet with the Creighton Financial Aid Office regarding all matters related to financial aid and study abroad.