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ISEP-Direct programs provide study abroad opportunities in 20 countries. Participants will enroll in the host institution and take courses with local students or in some cases, with other international students. Participating in an ISEP-Direct program allow students to fully integrate into the host institution.

To learn more, visit the ISEP Website!

Eligibility: Minimum 2.75 GPA (some ISEP institutions require a higher GPA). Students must also meet all other study abroad eligiblity requirements as outlined in Creighton's Study Abroad Policies & Procedures.

Financial Aid: Participants will pay all fees directly to ISEP. If eligible, federal financial aid is portable. Please check with the CU Financial Aid Office for specific inquiries. The ISEP website includes information about ISEP-Direct Program Fees.

Courses: Course selection varies by host institution. The ISEP website has a search function that allows students to search all ISEP institutions by subject area. Downloadable flyers are also available on the ISEP website for students of specific majors.

Program Duration: The length of an academic semester or term differs by country. Students should carefully review the ISEP information pertaining to "Program Dates" for each institution of interest to ensure that the semester abroad does not overlap with the next semester at Creighton. For example, in some countries their Fall semester runs through early-February, which would prevent students from beginning the Spring semester at Creighton in mid-January. ISEP-Direct also offers summer program opportunities.

On-Site Assistance:  Each ISEP institution has an ISEP Coordinator to assist you during your stay. Services that the Host Coordinator will provide differs by institution. All ISEP institutions will provide an orientation upon your arrival.

How to Apply: Students must first complete the CU Proposal to Study Abroad and the CU Study Abroad Course Approval Form (internal documents). Once these are complete, students will then receive the ISEP-Direct application (external document) from the Study Abroad Coordinator. 

Deadlines: The CU Proposal to Study Abroad for Fall semester participation is March 1st and for Spring semester participation is October 1st. However, because ISEP-Direct spots fill quickly we strongly recommend that interested students submit their Proposals as early as possible.

Additional Questions: Please direct any questions regarding ISEP-Direct programs to Creighton's Study Abroad Coordinator (402-280-2221 or