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CU Students Who Studied Abroad Say...

  • "Studying abroad in Italy was the most exciting and daring thing I have ever done. Completely immersing oneself in a new culture takes a lot of courage. Creighton helped me prepare myself for all of the challenges I would face along the way, so my transition was very smooth." (Summer 2009 Participant)
  • "The decision to study abroad was by far the best and most impacting on my education since I have been at Creighton. I not only gained confidence speaking the Spanish language, but also lived another culture and learned about the Spanish people. I would recommend study abroad to absolutely everyone." (Summer 2009 Participant) 
  • "Your education in incomplete without the abroad experience. It is crucial to experience life outside of your comfort zone to further your education and appreciation for American way of life." (Summer 2009 Participant)
  • "The study abroad experience opens your eyes to a different culture and a different way of life. You become more knowledgeable about the world because of the people that you meet. I had the opportunity to meet with students in Ireland and they, as well as the Irish, taught me more than I would have ever learned from a classroom." (Fall 2009 Participant)
  • "Go abroad, Go Abroad, Go Abroad! It is truly the experience of a lifetime, and it IS all that it is hyped up to be. Traveling around the world during your college days are going to be the best years of you life." (Fall 2009 Participant)
  • "DO IT!!! You only get an opportunity like this once in your life. A great chance to grow and find out what you want in life." (Fall 2009 Participant) 
  • "DO IT! Take advantage of this opportunity while you have the resources! It will without a doubt be one of the best and most memorable experiences of your college years. It might even change your life!" (Spring 2010 Participant)
  • "It was the best experience I have ever had. While you are abroad you have so many oppurtunities to meet new people and be apart of such different activities that you would not encounter here in the United States. It helped me to be more independent, financial responsible as well as open to more types of experiences and people. It opens your mind in so many ways and helps you to be able to relate to so many people." (Spring 2010 Participant)
  • "Don't even think about whether you should study abroad or not; just do it! In today's society, it is essential to have international experience both to prepare yourself to enter the professional world and to develop a mature personal perspective. Look for study abroad experiences off the beaten path. There's a whole wide world out there and you might find something amazing that you never considered before!" (Spring 2010 Participant)
  • "Studying abroad is an experience that is unlike any you could have at home. Not only are you meeting new people and attending a different university in a new country, but you have the chance to explore another culture, language and learn just as much outside the classroom as in it... Your understanding of your own culture, as well as the cultures of other students you encounter, will change and the experiences you have while away are unforgettable." (Spring 2010 Participant)
  • "My main advice would be if you are nervous about studying abroad- don't second guess yourself, just go for it. It's a rare opportunity to be able to, more than just visit another country, to really immerse yourself in a different culture. It will teach you things you never knew about yourself." (Spring 2010 Participant)