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Upon Return

The OIP Welcomes Back the Returning Study Abroad Students...

We hope that you have had a successful and rewarding study abroad experience.  Sharing your experience and telling other students about study abroad is a great way to keep your experience alive.  The OIP is always interested in hearing about your adventures abroad. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the International Programs Advisor to chat about their recent experiences.

  • Submit your Photos to the Photo Gallery!  If you took a great photo (or two) during your travels, we encourage you to submit them for use in our Photo Gallery section of this website, as well as for the Study Abroad Gallery in Skutt Student Center. Remember to include a caption for each photo you submit! Photos of you in your host country or landscape/scenery shots are all welcome entries! Photos can be submitted via the "Drop-Box" in the Study Abroad BlueLine Community Group.

  • Volunteer!  Volunteer to be part of a past participant panel, to participate in the Multinational Ambassador Program, to staff a table at the Study Abroad Fair.  Additional volunteer opportunities for returned study abroad students can be found at the CCSJ

  • Become a M.A.P. partner!  The Multinational Ambassador Program (M.A.P.)  matches an American student and an international student for friendship and cross-cultural understanding.  Students are asked to meet their partner at least once a month for an activity of their choosing (coffee, lunch, attending a sporting event, shopping, movie, etc).  To join this program, contact the OIP at 402-280-2221.