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Patient Safety Course & Text

Patient Safety Course & Text The safety of patients, while vitally important in any health care setting, has received increased national attention and focus. Creighton University, in an effort to reduce the number of preventable patient injuries and adverse events, offers an interprofessional course and textbook specifically centered on the safety of patients with the intent to introduce new ways of thinking and approaching health care delivery, especially in a team-based, collaborative health care environment.

Foundations in Patient Safety Course

A patient-centered approach within a practice-based context has been chosen as an overarching format to embed the theoretical content of patient safety. This elective course, first offered in Spring 2005, provides a framework for students throughout the health sciences schools to study interprofessional approaches to patient safety. It is offered over a four week block of time to be compatible with each program's schedule and is designed to be a 2 credit hour offering, with additional credit hours available for in-depth patient safety evaluation projects as well as field experiences. Because it has been recognized that an essential element of success in patient safety enculturation is interprofessional communication, faculties representing various disciplines teach course content in teams.

Foundations in Patient Safety Textbook

The textbook is pioneering in its approach and focus on contemporary issues in patient safety. Topics include key concepts, patient/health care provider relationships, safety in health care systems, organizations, and culture, safety errors, and handling safety errors as they occur. Case-based studies are also presented. Course materials are provided on CD-ROM as well as downloadable .pdf files.

**HSL e-Reserves Patient Safety website may be accessed here**

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