Campus Care Package Information

Campus Care Packages

Inter Residence Hall Government (IRHG) is very excited to announce that we have now partnered with the professional care package provider, RedShip.  You now have the opportunity to send a care package to your student from the comfort of home! RedShip allows you to send the best care anywhere while, at the same time, supporting activities that enhances your student’s college experience. You can send these care packages to your student throughout the year to help lift their spirits, get them through finals, and let them know that someone is supporting them.

When you send a care package through our program, you'll be:

     • Sending the support and encouragement your student needs during the most challenging times of the year.

     • Enhancing student life on campus; your purchase helps support the student life on campus.

     • Helping others in need; for every package you purchase, RedShip donates one meal to Feeding America (,  an organization that supports families right here at home.

We hope you take the opportunity to support your student while at the same time helping others!  Click on any of the images above or click here to order a care package for your student today!