IRHG Frequently Asked Questions

What does IRHG stand for?

Inter Residence Hall Government

When was IRHG founded?

IRHG was founded in 1984. In the Fall of 2010, IRHG celebrated its 25th anniversary with a plethora of celebrations.

How can I get involved with IRHG?

Any Creighton students living on campus are able to become involved in IRHG. There are several ways to become active:

1) Run for a Hall Executive position. Each hall/apartment has a President; Vice President; Service, Faith & Justice (SFJ) Ambassador; Senator(s). Elections are August 29th, with information nights on August 21st & 22nd. This is the best way to get involved and make a difference on Creighton's campus!

2) Become a Floor Representative or Floor SFJ. Each residence hall has floor representatives that help run programs for the hall. This is a great way to see if IRHG is right for you!

Who funds IRHG?

IRHG is a registered student organization and is funded by the Department of Residence Life. IRHG also fundraises through the OCM Linen and Care Packages program, and Campus Cardboard.

I live off-campus. Can I still run for IRHG?

You may not run for IRHG if you are living off-campus, since our constituents live in on-campus housing. Please check out Creighton Students' Union if you would like to be involved with Student Government while living off-campus.

You may, however, attend events IRHG organizes like Movie on the Mall, Christmas at Creighton, Creighton Clean Up, and any other campus wide program.