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Meeting Minutes 2013-2014

General Asembly Minutes

General Assembly meetings take place every Tuesday at 9:00 PM in Hixon-Lied G-04. Anyone living within the residence halls is allowed to be present at these meetings; all residents have speaking rights, but only General Assembly Members are allowed to vote.

The minutes are recorded by the Vice President of Administration and are available to the public. Please click on the link below to view each week's minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Katie Kerstetter at

(These will be posted throughout the school year)

Residence Hall Council Meeting Minutes

Each hall's executive board has a weekly meeting with its Residence Hall Council at a specific time determined at the beginning of the year. To access your hall's meeting minutes, please visit your hall's page by clicking the link below.

Davis Square

Deglman Hall

Gallagher Hall

Heider Hall

Kenefick Hall

Kiewit Hall

McGloin Hall

Opus Hall

Swanson Hall