Nuremberg Summer Program Housing Information

Creighton neither provides nor arranges for student housing during the Nuremberg Summer Program.  Students must arrange and pay for housing on their own or in groups.  However, Nuremberg is a university town and housing options are typically plentiful. 

International Business Seminars (IBS) is the official travel agent for Creighton’s summer school program in Nuremberg, Germany (N2H).  Students and faculty are highly encouraged to use their expert services as they plan their stays in Europe and seek to make arrangements for housing options.  IBS will arrange housing and rail options for students for a reduced fee.  The IBS website is: http://www.ibstours.com The contact for our program is Mr. Jia Xie (jia@ibstours.com) 8980 E. Raintree Dr., Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ  85260-7301 USA (Phone 1-480-874-0100) (Fax 1-877-398-1117).

Alternatively, students may secure their own accommodations.  Students can expect to budget approximately 850.00 Euro for their housing in Nuremberg during the month of July/August.  University dormitory options typically are furnished, but be sure to ask about this when reserving private housing accommodations or apartments. Sharing apartments can save costs.

The Nuremberg Youth Hostel is the cheapest form of housing and includes breakfast:


Below are several helpful links:

Accommodation for Students.com - Nuremberg

Dormitory Accommodations

Ohm University (via Studentwerk Network)

Uni-Residenz Nürnberg (in German)

Studentenwohnheim-Verein (in German)

Diakonie (for females only; in German)

In Via - Neurnberg (for females only; in German)

Norishome.de (in German)

Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen - Nuremberg

Rail Passes

Students are required to obtain rail transportation passes.  This is most easily done before travelling to Europe. IBS Tours offers an array of options for travel between the Netherlands and Germany as well as within Germany and local rail passes within Nuremberg.