Transfer Applicants
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The Creighton University School of Law welcomes applications from transfer students.  Only applicants who have completed their entire first year of law school are eligible for transfer consideration.  First consideration will be given to transfer applicants with superior credentials.  In addition, no more than three semesters of residency and no more than forty-five semester hours of credit may be transferred from an ABA accredited law school. Only grades of C or better, received from another accredited law school, may be transferred. Transfer students must meet all the Creighton graduation requirements in order to earn a degree.

There is not an application deadline for transfer students.  Before the Admissions Committee will review a transfer application, however, we must receive an official transcript that includes grades for your most recent coursework.

Application Steps for Transfer Applicants

1.  Complete and submit the Creighton Law School application, which you can access through the LSACís electronic application service.  Please be sure to select that your application is for Advanced Standing (Transfer).

2.  With your application, submit a personal statement indicating your reasons for wanting to transfer to Creighton Law School. 

3.  Please make sure your Credential Assembly Service (LSDAS) report is current with the LSAC, and purchase a report to be sent to the Creighton University School of Law

4.  Submit 2 letters of recommendation (if they are not included in your Credential Assembly Service report).

5.  Submit an official transcript from your current law school

6.  Submit a letter of good standing from your current law school


Please contact our Admissions Office with additional questions about transferring.